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Tracy L. Markley  is a Certified Personal Trainer
She is the author of the books"The Stroke of An Artist"
& "Tipping Toward Balance" & "Your Brain"
Stroke recovery and exercise.
Fall Prevention, balance and stability.
Brain care and health.
Tracy L. Markley, Author of the Book
"The Stroke of an Artist, The
Journey of a Personal Fitness
Trainer and a Stroke Survivor"
Gaining Hope and inspiration after
a having a stroke.  Stroke Recovery
Books, Stroke Survivor Books,
Stroke Awareness Books
©Tracy Markley
"The Stroke of an Artist:
The Journey of A Fitness Trainer and A Stroke Survivor"
published in November of 2017.
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Tracy L. Markley
Gary often would say to me, “Don’t ever have a stroke; they suck.” After
hearing him say this more than a dozen times, I said to him, “You know, I
think we need to write a book about your recovery and call it, Dear Stroke,
Your Suck. We both laughed, but I meant it. The idea to follow it through
stuck strongly in my heart. Bringing hope to other stroke survivors was
important to Gary. He knew how hard stroke recovery can be.
This is our story, shared with aspirations of bringing hope to stroke
survivors to achieve the most progress possible in their recovery. He would
say, “You know things and you really connect to what is going on.
Other’s don’t know what you know, do they?”
This is my journey as a personal fitness trainer about what I knew and what
I learned during our time together that helped guide Gary to continually
make progress, even at 3 years post stroke.
Gary noticed as he was making continued progress in his own recovery that
some other stroke survivors he seen had either given up too soon or been
told that their progress was limited. They essentially went back to trying to
live their lives in their new, limited, “accepted” condition. Survivors may stop
trying to make progress because their insurance only pays for a  
limited number of physical therapy sessions. This does not always mean their bodies have reached their full
recovery potential. They may not know that there are fitness professionals who can help them when physical
therapy ends.
As for the name of the book, you can see we did not call it, Dear Stroke, You Suck. The reason is that Gary was
an artist.  He and I were sitting down talking soon before the book was beginning editing mode, and I asked
him to describe to me what happens when he tries to paint now. He explained that in his head he wanted to paint
a long, thin, stroke with the paintbrush, but his hand paints a short, thick stroke.
I decided right then, The Stroke of An Artist would be the name of the book.
This book is not a statement that every stroke survivor will reach the same recovery achievements that Gary
reached. There are different types of strokes. There are varying levels of impact, as well as other physical
and medical conditions one may have. I was told that Gary had the worst kind of stroke possible and that not
every male in his family who had a stroke survived, but Gary did. He told me he believed it was a miracle.
Click on the picture of the map or the link below to read the
story of a couple, in their 80s, who traveled 3000 miles to live
in Florence Oregon for 30 days to train the 82-year-old
husband in his stroke recovery almost every day for a month.
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